Group Show:
Julie Boserup
Adam Jeppesen
Camilla Rasborg
Carina Zunino

Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen

The experiment is an integral part of the visual arts. The urge to both conceptually and aesthetically challenge artistic media has always played an important role in developing the arts and to…

Michael Coldwell - Merrion Gorge II (2013)
Hidden Above series


Maid Marian way NCP. Nottingham, July 2014.


Forecast Series, 2009-2010, Hans Malm
‘The continents of our planet are in constant motion. Geologists predict that within 250 million years virtually all landmass will have merged into one single supercontinent. To make these pictures, I have visited a number of cities around the world such as Los Angeles, Bangkok, Budapest, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Mexico City and Stockholm. There I have photographed the street life on negative black-and-white film. I then rewound the film and exposed the entire roll once again in another city somewhere else in the world. The resulting double-exposures show different cities, countries and continents merged together. The Forecast series is an attempt at documenting the future…' — Hans Malm


untitled, 2014
5X7 fiber-base gelatin silver print,
Arista RC VC

Templar House, Leeds, 1956


Michael Coldwell, 2014

A photographic study of a building in Leeds.

Historical pictures from http://www.leodis.org - a photographic archive of the city.

"View shows Templar House, a grade II listed building on Lady Lane by the junction with Templar Lane, right. This property dates from 1840 when it was built by James Simpson, one of the leading non-conformist architects of the 19th century, as the principal chapel in Yorkshire of the Wesleyan Methodist Association. The red-brick building held 1700 worshipers and featured a schoolroom below. It lated became the United Methodist Chapel but over the 1920s the congregation began to dwindle and the building was converted to offices in 1933. Later it was occupied by Hoover Ltd., vacuum cleaner manufacturers, and also by the Army as a recruiting office for National Service, before becoming an Unemployment Benefit Office for a time; then, as in this photo, it became British Road Services. Since that time the building has been left empty and has deteriorated but now (2012) plans are being made to revive the building as part of a major redevelpment of the area.


Michael Coldwell - Level One (2014)


Daniel Sanchez Guzman